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Children often have difficulty putting their feelings into words. Because of this they may attempt to get their needs met by expressing frustration through temper tantrums, defiance, or shutting down. They may experience difficulty in school or exhibit somatic complaints such as stomach aches or headaches. It is very important to determine the source of their frustration which could stem from neurodevelopmental disorders such as a learning disability, an intellectual disability, ADHD, or an autism spectrum disorder. In addition family dynamics need to be evaluated to determine what role they may be playing in the child's frustration.

Child therapy offers the opportunity for children to reveal their inner conflicts and feelings. They are able to resolve those conflicts and learn how to verbalize and express feelings which reduces their frustatration. This is accomplished through the use of imaginative play, art, game playing, and talking.

If you'd like to get some answers and guidance on how to help your child, consider scheduling an appointment for an evaluation. Then you can get some direction on what needs to be done to ensure proper emotional development of your child and a more peaceful home life for all.

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