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Adolescence is an exciting time of many changes for teens. It can be a challenging time for parents who are there to guide them through this unique time of their lives. In addition to physical, emotional, and social changes, we now know that significant brain changes occur in teens as well. The nature of the emotional bond between parents and teens is affected. Teens are transitioning from childhood dependence to independence which usually includes testing boundaries. They are often motivated by the need for approval especially from their peers, egocentrism, and self-consciousness. They are drawn to the exciting and unknown. These factors can contribute to poor decision-making at times during the adolescent years. This, of course, can cause turmoil between parents and teens as well as harmful consequences.
If you, as a parent, are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your teen, consider the benefit of an evaluation to see if therapy and parent guidance would be helpful. This is a challenging time in your lives and it’s worth getting some answers and direction. The goal needs to be to make this transition period as smooth as possible as well as rewarding. And don’t forget to joke around with your teen and look for those lighter moments. It adds some positivity to your bond with your teen.

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